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View Security in Snowflake

Often the question arises on how can Snowflake customers secure their data at a row level, or by organization, or by some other slice of meaningful delineation. This is a very common use case for


Single Sign-On (SSO) in Snowflake

While logging in to a system doesn’t seem like a big deal, securing dozens to thousands of users for your enterprise, to login to a new SaaS available application like Snowflake, is actually very important. 


What’s a Snowflake Health Check?

We enjoy sharing best practices/framework to validate the health of Snowflake implementation and discuss best practices to help you ensure you’re on the right track in order to unlock additional business value and technical improvement

dbt Coalesce 2022 conference

DBT Coalesce 2022 – Day 4

This day was bittersweet, as it has been so nice to finally be around people in person (yes, I realize that sounds a little redundant!), while at the same time, I think we were all

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