We are the people, Process, and Technology That Makes your next initiative Successful.

Our company is a collective of amazing people ready to share our skills with your business to provide: advisory, technology implementations, expert services, and
product delivery.

AICG is headquartered in the Charlotte, NC metro area.  With a mix of professional services, advisory, and product development, AICG continues to innovate in a number of industry sectors including restaurant, airline, transportation, gaming, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Our team of experts are focused on delivering value to our clients with a strong commitment to partnering instead of just being another vendor. Our best practices and recommendations have proven to provide positive return on investments (ROI) for our clients and our contributions to open source and surrounding local communities exemplifies our focus on sustainability and a long-lived posture as a trustworthy and capable organization.

Our leadership is often quote as saying “Every company should have at least one conversation with AICG”.

We believe this is true as not all execution of technical projects, forensic accounting, product development, or automation is the same. #seedatadifferently. If you’ve every seen a failed capital budget technology project then you’ve experienced the gut-wrenching outcome of 65% of technology projects.  You’ll avoid that failure working with AICG. We succeed where others have failed, and we can guarantee it!

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