Our Technology Partners

Google Cloud Platform is a leader in cloud infrastructure and operational run systems that power the world. Massive community support for airflow, K8, Druid, CDAP, etc. and strong focus DevOps and ML has our clients helping them learn and build on GCP. AICG can help with any GCP initiatives.

Amazon Web Services is a strong leader in cloud systems, as one of the first vendors to prove the model for object storage and serverless architectures at scale. From migrating on-premise apps, off-loading massive processing data integrations, we can help with any AWS initiatives

Snowflake has come a long way in a very short time as the household name for Cloud Data Warehousing. Their system is so much more as it can act as full eco-system for data to analytics pipelines to support rapid acceleration of processing large volumes of critical business data.

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DBT is one of the most powerful technologies to happen to analytics modeling in a decade. By using it’s ability to bring repeatability, shared developer access to SQL logic, and following a developer operations (“DevOps”) and CI/CD type process to data and analytics engineering companies are able to integrate their data warehouse and other models into the same predictable processes they have established for their application development lifecycles.


DataLakeHouse.io is one of the most powerful data democratization tools to come out of the recent cloud data warehousing revolution. It provides users with data synchronization of popular source systems into Snowflake and other cloud data warehouses, along with analytics to validate common use cases, a data catalog to immediately align business clarity on what the data means to the business users, and other helpful Cloud Data Warehouse management features.

We Help You Every Step Of The Way

Get our ‘white glove’ service, every step of the way. From getting an initial understanding about the technology, like in white-boarding sessions, to planning, design, development, and delivery. We even offer training to ensure more reliable testing and go-live support.

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