Data Systems & Platforms Migration

Migration efforts are often necessary, but typically a pain.

Few organizations get excited about the migration itself.  We’d all rather the solution without the pain of migrating; for whatever reason the need to get to that solution should not be a painful or regretful process.

That’s where AICG comes in to partner on your migration efforts.

We have a formula for migration success. This includes our EXCEEDS methodology, and accelerator technology we’ve built for migrations such as yours to expedite the process. But more importantly to validate the migration is successful – and what that means to you!

Types of Migrations

Over the years we’ve led or played a major role in migrating CRM, ERP, Asset Management, EPM, Learning Management, Student Information, TMS, and HRIS systems.

This type of experience makes us leaders in the general aptitude for migrating systems to successful outcomes.

On most occasions we lead the “data” efforts for migration projects due to our decades of experience in data integration, data transformation, data governance, and data strategy with a tremendous focus on data warehousing and modeling for actionable analytics reporting.

Data Warehouses (DWHs)

Data Warehouses have had their place in enterprise organizations for decades now.  Legacy DWHs and MPP Data Warehouse systems are being moved to the cloud more frequently these days but there is good reason to migration from a legacy DWH to a more modern system provider makes sense also.

There are enterprise systems such as Business Objects (BO), Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA), etc. that have had a place in DWH space which benefit to moving to the cloud or being split out into more modern architectures like Data Vault 2.0.  

In any case AICG is the team you are looking for that can educate and provide the value for your DWH migration.

Enterprise Resource Planning

AICG can completely move your operational ERP system to a newer one, and even provide selection guidance based on your industry

Because we are systemically data strategy oriented our commitment to migrations always involves another layer of ability most outfits don’t have the expertise to provide; data integrity analysis.

Book a conversation with our client success team to learn more about our experience with migrating ERP system.

Data Integration & Transformation

Core to reporting and analytics even in today’s modern Data Mesh, Data LakeHouse, etc. reference architectures the ability to move data and transform it is paramount. 

Before many data integration products moved to the cloud tools like DTS/SSIS, Informatica, Ab Initio, and Oracle Data Integrator were ubiquotous.  But now tools like, dbt, Stitch, and others lead the ELT charge for hybrid cloud data integration and more.

We love talking about the dozens of data integration and data transformation net new and migration projects we’ve done for clients in industry just like yours. Talk to us to learn more.

Talk with an Expert

We are always delighted to talk shop with company liaisons, data teams, IT directors, etc. that have a challenge to do with, in or around, data.  It’s because we know our stuff when it comes to data strategy and data integration – all things data; probably better than anyone you’ve talked to so far.

Though our main job is delivering solutions to our clients’ problems, second to that it is educating companies on the art of the possible.

Reach out to us.

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