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DBT Coalesce 2022 – Day 1


Getting back into live conferences, DBT’s Coalesce has started with a smooth first day of registration and great sessions. A great venue in downtown New Orleans makes it even more appealing, and thus far I’ve talked with more than 15 people coming in from different countries. So, DBT is definitely international at this point.

We spend the first day getting acclimated and familiar with the layout of the conference. It has felt more like a a gathering of friends getting together and talking shop which I think goes to the appeal of the community aspect DBT has brought their ecosystem.

Great themes on the first day:

  • Several partner sessions to get the skinny on how we can all help companies implement DBT and become more efficient with there transformations capabilities across key cloud platforms
  • New Co-Marketing opportunities for AICG to work with DBT Labs (more to come soon)
  • A bit on new features that have been released on the DBT Core and Cloud platforms that many people didn’t know were actually available

Great sessions:

Many sessions were early to allow the remote international audience to take advantage of the great content. A ~7am CDT start is not a bad thing. Some sessions we found interesting:

  • Emiel Verkade’s talk on building scalable data products
  • Adam Stone from Netlify on product experimentation and analytics
  • Mariele Dado’s talk on constructing knowledge
  • Miles Adkins on Assembling a feature with Snowflake and DBT

There’s lots of buzz about the Day 2 keynote which we’ll try to report back on right here.

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