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CRM Data Integration

Migrating from legacy CRM, integrating more third party data to make sense of your customers, or creating a new vision for your Customer 360 initiative, AICG is your go-to partner. Let us help you with the tough job of seamlessly stitching together your data, and automating it for reliability. We know CRM data and have built best practices around MS Dynamics, SAGE, SalesForce.com, and HubSpot.


DataLakeHouse Architecture

As the primary sponsor of the DataLakeHouse framework and platform stack AICG sees the big picture of Big Data and Analytics that brings ROI and business value to the forefront. Taking a client's existing infrastructure and architecture footprint, or enabling a client with not data-driven architecture to speak of AICG is connect the dots between data and value globally.

Analytics & Reporting

Competitive companies have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help drive their business. Defining, Developing, Deploying, and bringing business value from your data to distribute and make data actionable is not a simple task. As one of AICG's key services, we'll give you confidence in your data, from tool selection to data-driven dominance.


Full Stack Web Development

From wire-framing to complex design and development, AICG can take your web application from 0 to complete with our seasoned resources in React, Angular, Vue, and .NET. AICG can lead full project initiation, proof of concept/value. AICG can also provide additional staff positions to accelerate existing projects.

ChatBots (DialogFlow)

From Call Centers to Operational Compliance with repeatable business and decision logic rules, chatbots leverage machine learning to help drive fast, consistent, reliant information. AICG integrates chatbots such as DialogFlow to extend our client's existing capability. Use our best practice planning, design, development, and deployment strategies.

ERP Data Integration

Upgrading or migrating from a legacy ERP system, or perhaps integrating third party data to make sense of your organizations critical information, AICG is your go-to partner. Let us help you with the tough job of seamlessly stitching together your data, and automating it for reliability. We know ERP data and have built best practices around MS Dynamics, SAGE, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, IFS and a few others.

Data Lake Storage Lifecycle

AICG has been there since the start of the 'Data Lake' concept. We've seen a thing or two and understand what it takes to make a successful Data Lake Storage implementation successful. It is all about big picture. Whether you have an object storage solution (i.e.: HDFS, S3, GCS, OSS, Wasabi, min.io, etc.) or just getting started, we've developed best practices to ensure your success.

Data Warehouse Architecture

Not all Data Warehouse architecture and delivery is created equally. Although data warehousing has been around for decades, many organizations could be doing it better, if they're doing it all. From Data Marts, Data Vaults, to Enterprise Data Warehouses we do it from start to finish and support you through future enhancements as much or as little as needed.


Angular Development

AICG has been working with Angular technology since it was only AngularJS. As a Google Cloud partner, we have been part of all Angular versions development and try to be as active as possible in the community. This allows us to help our clients stay up-to-date with Angular technology, best practices, the newest features, and latest considerations for important initiatives.

Real-Time Streaming

Internet of things, transactional systems, real--time analytics are part of our massive need for data ingestion. We help with Pub/Sub, Kafka, and other tools to advise and integrate to meet your modern data processing needs.


Our Process

We have a proven methodology for implementing systems and solutions which has been proven over hundreds of projects. Our EXCEEDS methodology allows the clients we partner with on their initiatives to have a clear view of how we go about solving problems both functionally and technically.

For shorter term initiatives such as a Cloud Data Warehousing project where a quick-win over a short few weeks is required, after a short whiteboard session, a list of high-level tasks would be generated and then executed using our EXCEEDS methodology framework. For example, the following key tasks were taken from a Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse project where AICG was chose by Snowflake as the best partner to implement a very technical Proof of Value (PoV) 8 week effort for a well-known manufacturing industry client:

Common Snowflake Implementation Areas


Snowflake FAQ

Our Snowflake implementation involves developing the appropriate roles and permissions for users, setting up your data warehouse using best practices, and bringing all of the data you need into Snowflake in its raw form. This allows it to deliver actionable insights. From here, the appropriate data constructs are created to meet the various consumers of the data.

An Executive will need one lens into the data while a data scientist will need access to curated raw data.

Our frequently requested Snowflake services include guidance in Snowflake implementation, establishing RBAC, health checks, modern data strategy & implementation, data modeling, managed services, legacy data warehouse to Snowflake migrations, adding new workloads, and tune Snowflake credit consumption.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Data Engineering
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Data Science & ML
  5. Applications
  6. Data Warehouse
  7. Data Lake
  8. Unistore

The Snowflake SQL API is a REST API that you can use to access and update data in a Snowflake database. You can use this API to develop custom applications and integrations that:

  • Perform queries

  • Manage your deployment (e.g. provision users and roles, create tables, etc.)

  • Snowflake runs on the major public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP)
    • Customers who committed to major purchases with a major public cloud vendor can apply those credits to their Snowflake without making an additional purchase…Redshift is only available on AWS
  • Snowflake is a complete SaaS offering that requires no maintenance…AWS Redshift clusters require some manual maintenance
  • Snowflake separates compute from storage, allowing for flexible pricing and configuration…Redshift allows for cost optimization through Reserved/Spot instance pricing.
  • Snowflake implements instantaneous auto-scaling…Redshift requires addition/removal of nodes for scaling.
  • Snowflake supports always-on encryption that enforces strict security checks while Redshift provides a flexible, customizable security model.
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