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We can handle your most challenging data and analytics requirements. Our guidance is second to none when it comes to strategizing and building data-driven organizations. We can turn your data into an asset, migrate your systems to the cloud, create point-solution data applications, and develop data pipelines, data models and incorporate data governance with guaranteed success. We’ve proven ourselves with Startup companies, State and Federal Government agencies, and several Fortune 500 companies.

Cloud Migration, Data & AI Transformation

Begin or accelerate your data, AI, ML, and cloud initiatives by using our proven methodologies and frameworks based on best-in-class standards: Data Vault 2.0, Kimball Dimensional Modeling, Hybrid Agile Project Management, Data LakeHouse. Our decades of experience in the data pace including massive project at scale for big industries, state and federal government, and international make us a go-to-partner for your next technology initiative.

Advanced BI/Analytics

Call this are of expertise what you will but it is truly the gray area Venn Diagram of Data Mining, Machine Learning, Research, Domain Expertise, Thinking outside of the box, and good old fashion detective work. The result is us finding the needle in the haystack for you.

All of the other core concepts of high-quality reporting, KPI's/metrics, and actionable insight are typically just part of the process we deliver here for you.

Data Science, AI & ML

Data is an asset. Data is the new oil. But the newest and/or most innovative products and services take a more rapid design, prototyping, and proving ground that other methods of working with data.

Get actionable insights, answer business questions and make more precise business decisions based on trusted data, that delivers impact and business value in record time.

Customer Feedback

Data Engineering: Cloud Migrations

A cloud strategy starts with where you want to be in five years but where you need to be right now. We facilitate the design and execution of your cloud strategy related to architecting the cloud in general, and more specifically as it relates to the flow of data and information including security. Migrate your infrastructure, applications and workloads in the most cost-efficient manner while maximizing output.

Data Engineering: Modern Data Stack

You don't know what you don't know. But we do know. After hundreds of implementations we have a flexible but opinionated view on the best infrastructure and architecture your organization needs to support your core applications and data products.

We partner with all major cloud vendors so can delivery the best solution fit unique to your organization's needs.

Data Engineering: ELT/ETL Data Pipelines

Historically called ETL and in more modern times ELT, the end goal is collect, transform, and otherwise integrate raw data from all possible sources into a single data repository. Sometimes batch data processing is needed other times you need real-time data streaming.
Following best-in-class architecture, data modeling, and workflows, we can recommend a full end-to-end solution and stack or work with the one your team already has. Either way we are experts in data transformation and you will be too.

CRM Data Integration

Migrating from legacy CRM, integrating more third party data to make sense of your customers, or creating a new vision for your Customer 360 initiative, AICG is your go-to partner. Let us help you with the tough job of seamlessly stitching together your data, and automating it for reliability. We know CRM data and have built best practices around MS Dynamics, SAGE,, and HubSpot.

ERP Data Integration

Upgrading or migrating from a legacy ERP system, or perhaps integrating third party data to make sense of your organizations critical information, AICG is your go-to partner. Let us help you with the tough job of seamlessly stitching together your data, and automating it for reliability. We know ERP data and have built best practices around MS Dynamics, SAGE, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, IFS and a few others.

Data Warehouse Modeling & Architecture

Not all Data Warehouse architecture and delivery is created equally. Although data warehousing has been around for decades, many organizations could be doing it better, if they're doing it all. From Data Marts, Data Vaults, to Enterprise Data Warehouses we do it from start to finish and support you through future enhancements as much or as little as needed.

Analytics & Reporting

Competitive companies have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help drive their business. Defining, Developing, Deploying, and bringing business value from your data to distribute and make data actionable is not a simple task. As one of AICG's key services, we'll give you confidence in your data, from tool selection to data-driven dominance.

Data Software Engineering

From wire-framing to complex design and development, AICG can take your web application from 0 to complete with our seasoned resources where we code mainstream languages and frameworks such as: JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, Django, Fast API, React, Angular. AICG can lead full project initiation, proof of concept/value. AICG can also provide additional staff positions to accelerate existing projects.

Data Streaming

Internet of things, transactional systems, and real-time analytics are part of the world's massive need for data integration and consumption.
We help with Pub/Sub, Kafka, and other tools to advise and integrate in order to address your modern data processing needs. As part of the architectural alignment, we help make clear which parts of the process need to be real-time, batch, etc. and are able to produce efficient data models regardless of the frequency to visualize or report on the data

Our Process

We have a proven methodology for implementing systems and solutions which has been proven over hundreds of projects. Our EXCEEDS methodology allows the clients we partner with on their initiatives to have a clear view of how we go about solving problems both functionally and technically.

For shorter term initiatives such as a Cloud Data Warehousing project where a quick-win over a short few weeks is required, after a short whiteboard session, a list of high-level tasks would be generated and then executed using our EXCEEDS methodology framework. For example, the following key tasks were taken from a Cloud Data Warehouse project where AICG was chosen by the Cloud Data Warehouse vendor as the best partner to implement a very technical Proof of Value (PoV) over an 8 week effort for a well-known manufacturing/IoT industry client:

Common Cloud DWH Implementation Areas

Cloud Data Warehouse Services FAQ

Our standard cloud data warehouse implementation involves developing the appropriate roles and permissions for users, setting up your platform using best practices, and bringing all of the data you need into the platform in its raw form. From here, the appropriate data constructs are created to meet the various consumers of the data.

For example, we may build a data model that will provide an executive with a high-level view of the core business metrics and drill-down views for department leaders while for  a data scientist we would structure access directly to the raw data.

Our frequently requested Cloud Data Warehouse services include: general guidance on how to use the Snowflake, BigQuery, Teradata Vantage, etc. platforms (both technically and functionally), establishing RBAC user specific data visibility security, integrating Single-Sign On, conducting health checks of existing environments (orgs/accounts), providing modern data stack strategy & implementation, data modeling, managed services, legacy data warehouse to cloud migrations, adding new workloads, and optimizing cloud data warehouse costs.

  1. Data Pipelines
  2. Data Collaboration / Governance
  3. Data Engineering 
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Data Science & ML Workloads (MLOps / DevOps)
  6. Application Development
  7. Data Warehouse Modeling
  8. Data Lake Storage Ingestion
  9. Data Streaming
Yes. Most do provide API access or a programmatic library for popular programming languages such as Python, Java, etc. You can use these APIs to develop custom applications and integrations that:
  • Perform queries
  • Manage your deployment (e.g. provision users and roles, create tables, etc.)
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