What we do

AICG is a leading technology consultancy that provides strategy, thought leadership, design and software and data engineering to give enterprises the ability go get their time back and execute goals to achieve marketplace dominance.

At our core data engineering, data science, data warehousing, and let’s face it any thing data is in our wheelhouse. We realize not all enterprises have kept pace with current trends and are in need of a slower pace of innovation, while other institutions are barreling ahead to be on the cutting edge. While budgets and appetites for technological excellence vary AICG has built accelerator products, project methodologies, development frameworks around the way enterprise organizations need to execute development of solutions so that we can deliver to expectations from first engagement to infinity and beyond.

We leverage our vast experience to improve our clients’ ability to respond to change; utilize data (data-driven organizations rock!) as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reach the next level of attaining value.

We create and implement technology platform and frameworks that enable are flexible, scalable, and those which can move with business strategies just like your team moves to adjust to market demands.

AICG delivers excellent digital products and strategy that makes a positive impact on your business, whether that’s at the departmental level or at the executive level.  We stand by our work product and can guarantee our solutions; that’s what we do.

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