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We are the experts and thought leaders in cloud data warehousing, machine learning, and applied generative artificial intelligence, and our clients trust us to guide them with the art of the possible.

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International Women's Day 2024

International Women’s Day 2024: Empowerment and Progress

As we commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8th each year, it’s a time to honor the resilience, accomplishments, and contributions of women worldwide. In 2024, this day holds particular significance as we take stock of the strides made, acknowledge persistent challenges, and recommit ourselves to the pursuit of gender equality.

Bank grade security

5 Steps to Configure Key Pair Authentication in Snowflake

Key pair authentication is a secure way to access your Snowflake data warehouse without relying solely on traditional username and password authentication. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up key pair authentication in Snowflake. We’ll also cover how to install OpenSSL, a crucial tool for generating the necessary key pair.


Streamlining Your Bullhorn CRM: Mastering Duplicate Data Management

Discover the most effective strategies for eliminating duplicate records in your Bullhorn CRM. Duplicates can hinder your productivity, lead to data inaccuracies, and impact your relationships with clients and candidates. In this insightful session, we will guide you through best practices, cutting-edge tools, and proven techniques to ensure a clean and efficient CRM database.

Snowpark for Snowflake blog post

Snowpark Architecture

Dive into the fascinating world of Snowpark, a cutting-edge data platform that empowers data teams to seamlessly work with data, enabling faster analytics and insights. This meetup is designed for data enthusiasts, engineers, and professionals interested in exploring the architecture and functionalities of Snowpark by Snowflake.

Leveraging Data to Resolve Staffing and Recruiting Challenges

Discover how data-driven strategies can revolutionize the way staffing and recruiting organizations tackle operational challenges using data. In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies face numerous hurdles when it comes to finding the right talent and matching that with the right client. This webinar aims

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It's not a project;
it's a program - a journey

As a business, there will be challenges that take you to the edge of time, money, resources, and know-how. These ‘opportunities’ give you the chance to do new things – great things. But often great things don’t happen in a vacuum. They happen when you bring in the right people, and put those right people in the right seats, on the road to the same destination. 

You’re not alone in the journey to data-driven empowerment. AICG is here for you.

The best Data Strategy, AI, ML & Analytics Partnerships

Timely answers and solutions to real problems using technology; is why our clients retain our services and solution accelerators.

Big picture thinking and leadership from our years of working with organizations of all sizes has allowed AICG to bring the best processes and frameworks to our clients’ initiatives. From white-boarding sessions, roadmaps, and basic assessments and advisory to full multi-LOB strategic ERP/CRM/CDP/EPM/AI/ML projects. If it involves turning data into useable information, AICG is your go-to team – from infrastructure to actionable insights.

Our clients tell us that our resources are some of the most impressive analytics, data, and business professionals they’ve worked with. Our team is informed and dedicated to the craft of data engineering and turning analytics to insight. This allows us to deliver and meet expectations project after project. We don’t just believe in delivering successful solutions, we have an actual formula for doing it.

All successful data-driven projects have things in common. Certain aspects of the project planning, sponsorship, and execution, allowed for those projects to be delivered within pre-defined parameters for success. Consider migrating to the cloud, or expanding your cloud initiatives capabilities requires a keen eye for these details for success. In the big picture of cloud journeys, work with a team that sees the big picture.  – Healthcare Client


AICG is an implementation partner with: Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, DBT Labs, and Snowflake.

We’re on a mission to bring legacy systems into the latest cloud computing era. We are known experts for migrating Oracle and Teradata workloads into the modern data stack.

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Snowflake runs on AWS, GCP, and Azure.  If you’ve made up your mind and going with Snowflake as your cloud Data Warehouse ecosystem, Whether you’re moving data into Snowflake or extracting insights out of Snowflake, AICG is your go-to partner. – IoT Client

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