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Using Python to Execute a Snowpipe

Snowflake’s method for moving data from files as soon as they’re available in a stage. This will make data available to users within minutes. This data is auto ingested into Snowflake and allows loading data


Customer Segmentation Using Python & Snowflake

Customer segmentation is the process by which you divide your customers into segments up based on common characteristics – such as demographics or behaviors, so you can market to those customers more effectively. Python is a popular


Financial Forecasting using Python & Snowflake

When doing Forecasting & Budgeting traditional this is done for General Ledger, Sales and Manufacturing. You can also take a similar approach to trying to predict the price of a Bitcoin using Python. Snowflake’s Data


Loading Data into Snowflake with Python

Python is a popular programming language but not everyone is well-versed in how to work with Python and data. Python is easy to use with familiar programming structures, a declarative language using Notebooks (Jupyter, Zeppelin,

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