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Creating a Look in Looker

Creating a Look in Looker

We serve a wide range of clients who tend to have varying preferences when it comes to the tools utilized within their tech stack. One of the more popular analytic tools we see clients using is Looker.   Looker is a powerful and intuitive analytics

visualizing time series data

How to Visualize Time Series Data (With Examples)

Time series data is a sequence of data points collected at regularly spaced intervals over a period of time. Examples of time series data include: Stock prices Sales figures Topic trend growth Temperature readings Website activities (e.g., conversions, page views, etc.) Health monitoring (e.g.,


People Skills are More Important Than Ever

With the proliferation of new technologies, it’s easy to assume that technical skills are the most important attribute for success in today’s workplace. We are guilty as well when we blog about many technical topics: here, here, here. However, while technical skills are undoubtedly

Maximizing Your Investment in Ceridian Dayforce

As businesses continue to face mounting competition, it is becoming increasingly important to find ways to improve employee retention and job satisfaction. One strategy that has gained traction in recent years is the integration of human resources (HR) management systems with powerful data analytics

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Ceridian Dayforce to Snowflake

As more companies adopt cloud-based technologies, the demand for data replication solutions has increased dramatically. Data replication is the process of copying data from one database to another to ensure that both databases have the same data. Replicating data from Ceridian Dayforce to Snowflake

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