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AICG’s Mike Jelen Interviewed by DBT Labs at Coalesce 2022


We couldn’t be happier that DBT Labs took the time to sit down and talk with our own Mike Jelen about the past, present, and future of the Modern Data Stack. While terms are often fleeting, one thing that isn’t is the business value that we at AICG deliver to our clients time and time again using our tech-enabled services, and amazing tools from our partners like DBT Labs (dbt core and dbt cloud enterprise).

Since AICG is one of DBT Labs top partners in the world, it only makes sense since that they invited us to share some of our knowledge about why DBT has become so popular with our clients/customers and they impact it is having on the younger practitioners and old guard alike.

YouTube video

We’re excited for the premier of this interview as DBT Labs releases it we’ll be sure to update this post and share some other exciting details with you as things unfold.

For now if you’re interested in learning more about DBT, from introduction, intermediate to advanced please let us know. We host ongoing training courses in private sessions for groups of 3 or more and will be happy to walk you through the curriculum that we cover in each of those classroom style learning engagements.

Here’s looking forward to next year seeing even more with AICG and DBT Labs. Stay tuned!

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