Jennifer Pip
Jennifer Pip

Google Cloud Platform: Data Engineering Certifications – Absolutely, yes!


Google Cloud Platform is an amazing system of compute, storage, and now ML with ridiculously excellent scalability. Their support of tensorflow, and other areas of tech make it a great platform and of course it is one of the top competitors to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

We’re super excited that GCP continues to add more certifications that help our team differentiate themselves and provide that extra ROI that both our team and our customers are looking for from our professional services team. In fact we’re starting to move to a more certification based resource hierarchy during our hiring process. This ensures that our existing team and new hires meet a standard and a commitment to their craft and our organization. This goes for both our front and back offices – with a few exceptions.

The GCP Data Engineering certification takes an intense look at big data, machine learning, and security aspects of operating with customer data in the Google Cloud. This includes Kafka, Hadoop, Advanced SQL, TensorFlow, etc. Including movement of on-premise infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform. Think how would you take an existing Hadoop cluster and migrate that to the cloud with the least amount of down time possible. And how would you optimize a mainly batch process to begin stream and batch on unbound and bound data.

The shift towards cloud platforms brings an entire new set of skills to the marketplace. It is not enough that a resource with 15 years of experience in devops or a 20 year DBA think they know how to operate in the new environment because they are similar. There are just enough changes that make the new systems exponentially more powerful and therefore only so much learning on the job can take place without playing roulette with your project timeline and/or budget.

All serious professionals are getting certified in the newest target platforms. That’s what we do, and we deliver the best engagements for our clients because we are knowledgeable and prepared and we think our clients appreciate this fact as do our software partners.

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