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DeepRacer at AWS Re:Invent 2019 and Photos

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AWS Re:invent 2019 was in Las Vegas, NV this year with a great turnout, lots of amazing content, and one of our favorite hands-on ML Reinforcement Learning software-hardware combinations. You guessed it, DeepRacer.

Competition was fierce but the effort that went into hosting the competition was spectacular. It definitely shows commitment to producing a product, rather ecosystem that developers can rally behind. And, not just developers and ML enthusiast but also companies looking to hire great talent were on hand.

Here’s some pictures of what we thought was a great experience with the AWS DeepRacer event:

We weren’t able to compete this year but our plan is to be there next year in 2020 and get some street cred. Keep a look out for our AWS DeepRacer UnBoxing post, posting soon to the blog.

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