Jennifer Pip
Jennifer Pip

Cool Projects: Morse code on Wavenet at Google


If you’re not familiar with some of the ML experiments happening at Google, they’re worth a look. Their portal, Experiments with Google highlights some really cool coding test that sometimes, but not always, represent some real-world solution applications.

This one our team has been having fun with is another Morse code application that takes GCP text-to-speech and coverts text to spoken word and also to you guessed it Morse code sequencing.

Taking on Deep Mind research, WaveNet is a great way to begin learning about Deep Mind and the great work they’re doing in bringing computer intelligence closer and closer to something straight out of science fiction.

Other applications for Morse Code, WaveNet, Deep Learning, and ML on the edge, are apparent through this and the extended Morse Projects. Allowing individuals with disabilities of speech, movement, hearing, and otherwise accessibility challenges, the Morse Projects are giving real people real hope and opportunity to communicate like they never had before. And, that my friends is a good thing.

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