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BigQuery Expert Services

Migrating an existing Data Warehouse or looking for more advanced capabilities such as BQ Machine Learning, AICG has the expertise to help. As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, we specialize in infrastructure-to-analytics. That obviously includes BigQuery. 

Common BigQuery Challenges

Read more below about some common challenges that we’ve seen and helped our clients with over the years. We’d love to hear any unique challenges you have. I bet we can solve those too.

GCP BigQuery


Problem: Issue planning migration of on-premise Data Warehouse

BigQuery can seem to be a challenge to an onlooker unfamilar with cloud data warehousing.

Questions such as how do I move our date? How do we translate our current ETL pipelines to point to BigQuery? What new benefits will BigQuery have over our existing Data Warehouse and reporting? How can we test the success of the data warehouse migration? Will our previous reports still work?

All of these are valid questions. AICG answers these questions, and more, through a streamlined approach. Whiteboarding the current and target state allows you to get a bigger picture view of the gaps, and the challenges you may have. Based on this and requirements gathering expectations on success criteria should be ready to go. At that point it’s all about the know-how to execute to meet your Data Warehouse migration goals. Big Query has loads of new functionality that your current data warehouse may not have, so exploring those features can be left to a secondary phase. AICG has scripts and questionnaires to help guide your migration to success.

Big Query Quick Start

Free consultation

Yes, just like it says, it's "free". Get in touch with us and have confidence that AICG as a GCP partner can help guide you on your next steps.

Data Warehouse migration

Not every company has a data warehouse to migrate. But if you do, and Big Query is where you think you're headed, our data warehouse migration program can get you migrated safely, on-time, and with great delivery using our white-glove delivery methodology.

Advanced data integration & Analytics

Don't stop at data migration or re-structuring an existing data warehouse. What Big Query is known for is that it goes beyond just data warehousing but it can do advanced analytics, machine learning, and pull from data lake storage dynamically - let's talk about your initiative - we're always interested in what initiatives organizations come up with.

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