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Snowflake Managed Services

Using Snowflake is one of the fastest ways to get reliable data analytics going in the cloud for your organization. Using our Snowflake Managed Services is one of the smartest ways to save money and tap into almost unlimited scaling potential.  Use our care, watering, and feeding to “keep the lights on” for your Snowflake instances: manage your organization’s requests for creating new users, apply frequent tuning of your data warehouses, change user passwords, run data loads, migrate/build stored procedures, inform and incorporate new Snowflake released features, etc.. And take advantage of our on-going audit reporting.  Our Snowflake Managed Service is ideal whether we migrated or built your data warehouse or if you just need to get the best to support for what matters most – you focusing on what matters most!

Snowflake Managed Services w/AICG

We complement your team and the work done (or about to be done) by giving your the ability to harness good support methodologies with outcomes that bring value to the day-to-day operations of your Snowflake environment(s). It’s care, watering, feeding, and more with our certified Data Cloud Administrators (DCAs).

It Costs You Nothing

Find out what you're missing in your Snowflake architecture today!
Offering Them Us
Migration Support
24/7 Technical Support
20 Points of Auditing Coverage Daily
DataLakeHouse Project Support
Disaster Recover Planning
Stored Procedure Migrator Tooling
Cloud Architecture Support
AWS/Azure/GCP Support


How much does managed Snowflake cost?

Packages are based on credits starting from $2,499, and increase based on demand, utilization and other enterprise needs for your organization’s fractional capacity team extension.

Can you set up a Snowflake instance for us?

Yes. We can take your from zero-to-Snowflake in a very short period of time, and set up your instance using best practices so you start off on the best position possible to scale and grow with your data needs.

Can you support an existing Snowflake instance?

Yes. About 80% of our support clients for Snowflake Managed Services come to us with an existing Snowflake instance to manage.

Who owns our Snowflake account?

You. We provide all the Snowflake managed services, but you own everything. We have a full on-boarding process that walks you through everything. We’re very transparent with accountability begins and ends. We can either operate on your Snowflake account, or manage it completely. We can switch it around at any point while staying secure.

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